Partnering to Drive Business Outcomes with Cisco Digital Solutions Integrators

Xentaurs, a Cisco Digital Solutions Integrator, partnered with a Cisco VAR to evaluate a network refresh opportunity for a high profile customer.  What could have remained a seemingly ordinary business opportunity instead holistically evolved to focus on the much greater need for …


Xentaurs Powers Machine Learning and IoT Growth with NVIDIA GPUs

Xentaurs has used revenue earned throughout its first year to invest in engineering talent and to grow its customer base while anticipating a time would soon arise when enterprises were ready to dedicate budget to machine learning projects. The Xentaurs leadership team and industry experts agree that time is here …


Xentaurs Named Cisco Digital Systems Integration Partner

Xentaurs, a next-generation consulting agency and systems integrator specializing in making digital business transformations a reality, announced today that it has been chosen by Cisco to be its exclusive Digital Solutions Integrator partner. The partnership was announced last month at Cisco …


Xentaurs Announces Partnership With Mesosphere to Build Big Data Analytics and DevOps Platforms

Xentaurs, a next generation systems integrator and solutions provider announces a strategic partnership with Mesosphere, creators of the world’s first data center operating system. The partnership combines Xentaurs’ enterprise experience…


Next Generation Services Provider Xentaurs Announces Analytics, Big Data and DevOps Solutions to Serve Market Demand

Xentaurs, a next generation services provider, today announces the launch of its enterprise digital solutions and services offerings for building innovative and disruptive technology platforms.

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