At Xentaurs we believe that work shouldn’t be that dreadful thing you wake up early on weekdays for. Work should be an outlet to unleash your soul. A place where you can contribute to something higher than yourself, with like-minded people that push you further than you have ever been pushed before. A place that ignites the ultimate feel good. A home.

Mike Mayo, Xentauri #5, Digital Strategy

We are looking for more Xentauri, those top technologist enthusiasts who love to be in the bleeding edge, love to solve complex challenges, and want to be surrounded by like-minded peers.

Xentaurs has a very tough interview process and we recommend that you get introduced through another Xentauri that can vouch for you.

If you don’t have direct relationships but you think you are a badass, find us on LinkedIn or fill out our Contact Form for the initial screening.

We are currently hiring for experts in the following areas:

DevOps Principle Consultant

ITaaS Cloud Principal Consultant

Here There!

If you have any question, send us an email and we'll get back to you, soon.

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